Whats A Non Fault Accident?

Non-fault accidents are those where the other driver caused the accident. When this happens, your insurer will usually reclaim any repair costs from the other driver’s insurance as they are at fault.

If the other driver doesn’t have insurance or you’re in a hit and run accident, your claim might be treated as a fault claim because your insurer can’t recover its costs. However, this depends on the insurer so check your policy for details.

Connect Vehicle repair work with our customers to deliver a quick liability decision, this means we look at all the information provided to see who was at fault and caused the accident. Connect are experienced in most scenarios of accidents and can deliver a fast and clear liability decision. 

What to do if you're involved in a non-fault car accident?

  1. Make sure everyone is ok and not injured calling the appropriate emergency services if required

  2. Keep a record of any admissions by the at fault driver examples such as "I couldn't stop in time"

  3. Exchange full details including phone numbers, addresses, vehicle registrations

  4. Take witness details if any are present at the scene of the accident 

  5. Take pictures of the accident and area 

  6. Secure any dash camera footage 

  7. Call Connect Vehicle Repair on 0330 058 9998