Connect are here to help in
the unfortunate event you are
involved in a road traffic collision
and the best part it's free.

We are experts in driving school claims

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Connect Vehicle Repair are the experts when it comes to driving schools and those tricky situations where you are involved in an accident that was or wasn't your fault. We keep Driving Schools on the road Connect can deliver a replacement dual-control vehicle.

Fault Claims

A fault claim happens when you accept responsibility for a car accident . For example, this could be if be a collision with a wall or lamp post.

Non-Fault Claims

Non-Fault claims are those where the other driver caused the accident. When this happens, your insurer will usually reclaim any repair costs from the other drivers insurer. 




If you are involved in a collision and it's not your fault Connect will deliver you a like for like dual-control vehicle




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Vehicle Repair

Nationwide Collection & Delivery For All Accident Damage Repairs

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